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The Nearness of You - Independent Senior Living

The Nearness of You - Independent Senior Living

"It's not the pale moon that excites me, that thrills and delights me, oh no, it's just the nearness of you"
- Hoagy Carmichael (The Nearness of You)

Nearness Everywhere

Nearness is a feeling we all crave and desire. Over time, as we age, we have less and less as people move on or leave us. Independent senior living communities, like Sycamore Reserve, are about recapturing that nearness on your terms. They give you the freedom and convenience to easily join in when you want while granting you that feeling of closeness to others even when you do not. Independent senior living offers, for the first time since college, a community of individuals who desire company and nearness, and connection to others just like yourself.

Sure, change and uncertainty are a little scary with the COVID-19 virus, social distancing, moving, and leaving what you know and are comfortable with can be hard. But saying goodbye to boredom, loneliness, and fear is so very healthy. Having others to talk and connect with, who are going through the same things you are, helps put your mind at ease.

Everyone who joins a new community wonders how they will be received. Will the other residents like me? Will they let me into their inner circle? Is it safe during a pandemic? At an independent senior living community you do not have to worry about this. New residents realize quickly that everyone came from somewhere else. That is why you will find our residents to be so inviting. They sincerely believe that making new connections and getting a nearness to others, helps to enrich both your and their lives.

Sycamore Reserve, near Community Hospital North on the northside of Indianapolis, is dedicated to independent senior living. We provide a relaxed, affordable, family atmosphere with gourmet dining, 24-hour on-site staff, transportation, daily activities to keep you busy, and so much more.

Staying Social at Sycamore Reserve

Here are just a few of the activities we offer to help keep you active and socializing with others.
  • Join a Club - Walking, Bridge, Euchre, etc.
  • Sign up, or just show up for exercise class
  • Learn about history, cars, new games
  • Show off your artistic side in art class
  • Enjoy special events, trips to museums, dinner out, etc.
  • Friday night movies, shopping days, wine tastings, etc.
  • Volunteer & donate your time to great causes

Download this month's community calendar to see even more activities to help keep you socially active.

Learn More

To find out how Sycamore Reserve can help you live a truly independent lifestyle, please contact us or reach out to Shawn Gann, Director of Sales & Marketing at (317) 516-5200.

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