Assisted Living with a Difference

Sycamore Reserve is a family-owned independent senior living community for active seniors with assisted living with a difference. We have an on-site home health care company that can provide many of the services traditionally found in an assisted living community. We recognize from time-to-time seniors need a little assistance as they grow older.

If you are looking at assisted living communities in Indianapolis but do not think you need that level of care or cannot afford the associated costs involved with 24-hour available assistance. You might find an independent senior living community, like Sycamore Reserve, will meet your needs just as well, if not better than a traditional assisted living community.

Pure assisted living areas of senior living communities are for those seniors who need constant assistance with daily tasks. You will usually find assisted living residents physically separate from their independent living counterparts.

Our residents have access to regular visits from a care provider, massage therapist, podiatrist, audiologist, and an on-site therapy room staffed by My Healthcare, an independent medical services company that provides personalized care through its trained, professional team members. Available daily or weekly, they're just a phone call away when you need them. They can assist with medications, on-site physician appointments, rehabilitation, diagnostics, wellness programs, they offer home health care services, hospice, physical and occupational therapy, and so much more.

Already have a home health care provider, they're always welcome in our community!

VA Aid & Attendance Benefit

For our veterans, we’ve partnered with Alliance Home Health Services, an experienced, licensed, and certified home care provider offering home care nursing, occupational, speech, physical therapy and non-medical personal home care. Residents who quality and utilize Alliance as their home health care provider may be able to cover room, board, and other amenity costs as part of the VA aid and attendance benefit. Please contact us to learn more.